Friday, November 14, 2008

A Cultural Celebration!

One of my favorite weddings was done in June 2008. This couple had a 2-day affair in Queens, NY. The event celebrated their Indian heritage and American apprecation by infusing both cultures into their wedding.

I'd love to share their wonderful story with you, as told in an article by the NY Daily News:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Did a little browsing today and found some nice ideas (some of this I've seen before) and thought I'd pass along. Great for personalizing and adding character to weddings. These were taken from the pages of "NY Magazine's - NY Weddings"...enjoy!

Here's the article!

Fifteen Great Ideas
Give your guests something to talk about other than your dress.
By Arielle Winnik
Published Winter 2008

1. Bypass boring paper goods. The party starts in the mailbox! Set the tone with a fun save-the-date, like goofy-cute photo booth shots. “Either visit a photo booth or take digital pictures and we’ll make them look like they were taken in one,” says Nicole Michels, of stationer Bird and Banner ($1,500 for 100 from Bird and Banner; 215-285-8055; Even a more traditional idea can look new. Rebecca Schmidt-Ruebensaal, of Mr. Boddington's Studio, combined one couple’s family crests and modernized them with neon colors ($3,000 for 100 sets from Mr. Boddington’s Studio; 212-686-5953; And even escort cards can be cool. For a reception at the New York Public Library, Ellen Kostman of SideKick Events put place cards in an old-fashioned card catalog, complete with Dewey Decimal System-style table numbering (card catalog, from $75 at Props for Today; 212-244-9600;, and FĂȘte event designer Jung Lee once pinned paper ‘leaf’ cards to a pile of lemons.

2. Be gracious hosts. Keep guests cool, warm or dry. “Our wedding was outdoors, and it was very hot,” says newlywed Suzanne Graves. “For the ceremony, we placed a fan on each chair alongside the program. Guests fanned themselves the entire night (from $1 for paper fans at Pearl River Mart; 212-431-4770;” For an early spring reception, planner Kostman got $3 pashminas from a city street vendor to keep ladies (and some gents) warm. If it looks like rain, order umbrellas in your wedding colors; they’ll double as favors ($180 for 60;
(Photo: Hannah Whitaker)

3. Have a greener wedding. Floral bouquets are pretty, but a modern option is to make one from herbs. Event designer David Beahm uses holy basil, rosemary, scented geranium, horehound, orange and chocolate mint, and silver mound artemisia in coleus leaves ($100; 212-279-1344; And, rather than a tacky, stiff velvet square, “Do a natural ring pillow instead,” suggests floral designer Bridget Vizoso. “In winter, use pinecones, twigs, birch bark, and barley grass pods (from $175 at The Designer's Co-op; 212-721-2188;”

People Starting Businesses!

Hello folks,

I am inspired. A friend of mine was recently laid off from her company, where she was working for the past 13 years. After giving it some thought, she's decided to open her own business in the event industry. I'm so happy for her. I will do all I can to help her succeed. She's creative and very bright so she's on the right track already.

As an entrepreneur, I think it's so important to help others that want to start their own business. Lord knows that in this economy, no one can afford to rely on working for others. The tide has truly changed.

So, I submit to all of you....let's help our friends catapult toward a new career. How can you help? By giving them the pearls of wisdom you've received while in the trenches of starting your own business. It feels good to watch someone you love succeed!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

News from ACL Event Planning

Hey there,

I had a great day today. I went out to grab a quick lunch - Wendy's - real healthy, right? LOL.
Well, I was on my way back when I received a phone call from another planner located in Central NJ. She was calling to introduce herself and her services to me since she also makes invitation, in addition to wedding planning - really nice lady. Anyway, we talked for a few minutes, and at the end of the conversation, I asked her where she found my information, and she said I was listed in the NJBiz Event Planning Supplement.

Well, I had TOTALLY forgotten that I'd submitted a quote to NJBiz, because it was months ago and I hadn't given it another thought after the submission. So once I returned to my office, I quickly went online to find the supplement - and VOILA! there it was. My quote in realtime:)

I love NJBiz - they actually named me last year as one the NJ's Top Event Planners and now this year they've given me a great mention in their supplement. And of course, the topic couldn't be more timely - "Event Planners Reap Online Benefits". The article is all about event planners utilizing social network sites such as myspace, facebook, etc. Hmmm....sound familiar?

When you have a moment, check out the article: (see pg. 12).

The entire supplement is pretty cool - a great read!


My Favorite Venue in NJ!

Hi Gang,

This blog may reach folks from all around the states, so I'd like to give as much helpful information as possible.

I've had the pleasure of working with The Palace at Somerset Park many times in the past and I enjoy an ongoing relationship with them. The event space is a Palladium style mansion located on several acres in Somerset, NJ. There are 2 wings, each with its own bridal apartment - yes apartment: it has 2 full bathrooms, equipped with a restroom, including a state of the art shower, sitting room, and full living room with fireplace. Each wing has its own library, which can be used for the cocktail hour - equipped with a large cherry-wood bar, and a huge outdoor balcony. Your reception ballroom is exquisitely decorated with it's own fireplace, beautiful Austrian chandeliers, and adjoining balcony. For the brides' grand entrance, there's direct access from the bridal apartment to the ballroom via a lovely, long staircase. Great for photo ops!
Check out the website for yourself:

The staff treats your guests like royalty, from the moment they enter the grounds. The food is wonderful, with a sumptious variety 0f fare. One thing I love about this place is that when I work a wedding there, I never have to worry about my clients - they are always put first and treated well. They actually make my job really easy on the day of the wedding.

Let me know if you've worked with The Palace or if there are other venues you've had really great working experiences with!

See you on the next blog!



Hi everyone,

I'm very excited to start my very first blog:) Sure...I have one posted on myspace, but I think it's time for a real blog!

So, with that said, I hope you enjoy visiting me here. It's already feeling nice and cozy and I am looking forward to feeding you with plenty of ALL THINGS WEDDING!

Enjoy - and feel free to post and comment here anytime!