Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Unexpected Skill

Hey everyone!

Well who knew that I would end up writing articles for trade magazines? Certainly not moi! But here I am, thinking up a topic for my next article. Mind you: the deadline is TOMORROW! Oh well - I've always written well under pressure...even when I think back to my days of writing college term papers - I'd waited til the last minute and it turned out well. I wouldn't recommend that for other things though, like say....event planning! Too many details.

So far, I've contributed to BizBash and Event Solutions Magazine to name a few....and now Las Vegas Meetings and Events has asked me to be a contributer after reading my latest article. So, I guess this is something that happened just by chance -- I didn't seek it out --- writing just kinda found me. And now that I've been found, I think I'll stick around and see where this takes me.

With all this writing, you'd think I would be more timely with my own blog pieces, but I'm working on it. Okay....gotta go write that article...I'll share it with you once it's published.

Happy Planning!

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